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By Robert Mendick. Andreas Lubitz never said a word ; never gave any clue to what must have been racing through his mind. He may have shut his eyes or he may have watched out the cockpit window as the Airbus hurtled into a mountain in the Alps at a speed of almost miles an hour, killing all on board. Throughout the eight-minute descent, as the frantic captain made increasingly desperate efforts to smash his way into the cockpit, Lubitz remained calm and unmoved. He offered no words of explanation as to why he had embarked on such a murderous course of events. There was no muttering, no ranting from a mass killer: just gentle breathing, until that was drowned out first by the banging of a crowbar on the cockpit door as Captain Patrick Sonderheimer attempted to regain control and then, in the final few seconds before impact, by the screams of the passengers as they realised their fate.
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Report: Benedict XVI's memoirs say 'gay lobby' tried to wield power

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Homosexuality and Suicide: LGBT Suicide – A Serious Issue | HealthyPlace

Here's one thing for sure: Whether you're hanging out on the West Coast, traipsing around the prairies, or chilling in the Maritimes, you can't escape feeling proud if you're traveling around Canada during Pride season. Yes, it's true—you can now find Pride celebrations in most cities, towns, and suburbs from coast to coast so there'll be plenty of fabulousness and festivities for everyone to partake in. Just check out this long list below of Pride festivals to enjoy across Canada, with some even in the winter and spring. Well, this is Canada, after all. Some of the bigger cities, like Toronto and Vancouver, even hold multiple or overlapping festivals. Sorry, if we've missed anyone and we'll update the list if there are any more to add. Whistler Pride : January 23 to 31,
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German civics classes for migrants get mixed verdict

Robert Spitzer - a psychiatrist who played a leading role in establishing agreed-upon standards to describe mental disorders and eliminating homosexuality's designation as a pathology - died Friday in Seattle. He was Spitzer came up with agreed-upon definitions of mental disorders by convening meetings of experts in each diagnostic category and taking notes on their observations, the New York Times reported.
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Many of the odd migrants stare into the mid-distance or at their hands, while others look perplexed. While Bausback speaks German and an interpreter delivers English translations, his message is lost on many in the audience who speak neither language. Boredom spreads in the converted gymnasium of the Bayernkaserne army barracks, and some of the invited media cringe at the performance. The lessons on German civic values and laws are part of a Bavarian state government drive to help integrate refugees into their new host culture. More than one million migrants came to Germany last year, most from war-torn Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as well as African countries.

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