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X-rays are a form of high frequency, high energy electromagnetic radiation which, since their discovery in , have been used increasingly in medicine both for diagnosis and treatment. X-rays can be used to produce images of bones , organs , and internal tissues. Low doses of X-rays are passed through the tissues and cast images — essentially shadows — on to film or onto a fluorescent screen. The X-ray image, also known as a radiograph , shows any structurally changes in the area that is being examined. X-rays have the potential to damage living cells, especially those that are dividing rapidly. Because cancer cells divide rapidly, high doses of X-rays are used along with other forms of radiant energy for treating cancer.
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A sharper focus: New computational technique resolves compressed X-ray data

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5 Myths About X-rays and Why We Need Them

Electric discharges were passed through rarefied gases in the time of Benjamin Franklin - His friend William Watson, an Englishman, remarked: "It was a most delightful spectacle, when the room was darkened, to see the electricity in its passage. Pais page 79 The experimental arrangement was to have two small metal plates inside a glass container from which the air was gradually removed by a pump. The plate connected to the negative side of the electricity supply was called the cathode, that to the positive side the anode. As the pressure was lowered, a spark which fattened into a purplish glowing, writhing snake appeared going from the cathode to the anode. Lowering the pressure further, as Faraday noticed in the 's, a dark space opened up near the cathode, now called the Faraday Dark Space. The big breakthrough came in the 's when Geissler invented a much better mercury pump.
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Well, if you have, the following account of events might sound familiar. In early December , Yoann, from our Sales department, received a peculiar phone call from one of our distributors in the United States. The Great Masters Art Foundation was in search of a portable x-ray generator to radiograph a 16th century Italian painting.
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Argonne develops novel method to more clearly see complex materials physics in difficult-to-access environments. With the right tools, scientists can have Superman-like X-ray vision that reveals hidden features buried within objects -- but it's highly complicated. Department of Energy's DOE Argonne National Laboratory, gives scientists access to highly penetrating X-rays that can illuminate -- at the atomic level -- materials contained deep within other structures. The next phase for the APS, the APS Upgrade, transforms today's APS into a world-leading, storage-ring based, high-energy X-ray light source that equips scientists with a vastly more powerful tool for investigating and improving the materials and chemical processes that impact nearly every aspect of our lives. In particular, the Upgrade enables the use of lensless imaging methods with high-energy X-rays to overcome optics limitations for obtaining the highest spatial resolution deep within opaque samples.

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